Literature 6-8

Coffin Quilt Unit - Created by Brenda Bates for grade 8.

- Elements of Suspense. Created by Robin Eplion for grade 6.

- Created by Lori Goodall for grades 6-8.

- Cooperative Group Behavior lesson for SMART Notebook software created by Becky Hess for grade 6.

- From, a book report compiled and posted by Martha Turley for grade 6.

A 4 color spinner to randomly choose vocabulary review activities (S. Murray)

- A DI lesson on fiction vs non-fiction by Linda Morrison for 7th grade.

--A R.A.F.T. for "Flowers for Algernon" addressing the themes of the story by Kristin Ryder 8th grade.

--Edgar Allen Poe unit incorporating how Poe's life affected his writing through "The Raven," "Annabel Lee," and "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Kristin Ryder 8th grade

Reading in the Content Areas

- By Linda Morrison. Intro lesson on Rikki - Tikki - Tavi. Grade 7.

external image empty.png idioms1(26500).notebooksl.notebookSmarttech Website Idioms (posted by S. Leitner)

- The Other Cinderella Story activities created by K. Langdon for 6th grade.

- Compare/Contrast Heros and Villains. Created by Linda Morris for 7th grade.

- Mini-lesson created by Shelly Brooks for 8th grade.

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