WV Writes Website for students to practice for the online writing portion of WESTEST2.

WV Writes Teacher Website allows teachers to assign activities and view results.

- Creative writing with effective adjectives created by SMART's J.M.Smith and edited by Kerry Langdon for grade 6.

- SMART Notebook lesson on the types of essays created by Lisa Bragg and Tina Marcum for 7th grade.

- SMART Notebook lesson categorizing the types of essays created by Lisa Bragg and Tina Marcum for 7th grade.

- Characteristics of Descriptive Writing in a SMART Notebook lesson created by Lisa Bragg for 7th grade.

Smarttech Writing (6-8)

- Ashley Summers 6th Grade Milton Middle School

WritingFix - Home of Interactive Writing Prompts, plus lessons, gentes, and projects.

Expository Writing - Definition, Patterns, Samples

external image empty.png Common and Proper Nouns.notebookAshley Summers 6th Grade LA

external image empty.png CommonAndProperNouns.notebookSmarttech Lesson

external image empty.png Concrete poetry SMART activity.notebook SMARTTECH activity for Concrete poetry (posted by S. Murray)

- Concrete poetry lesson created by Vickie Linville for grades 6-8.

external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png DI Lesson Unit for 6th Persuasive Essay.ppt- Created by Andrea "Nikki" Watson- 6th Grade

external image empty.png
external image empty.png
Marcia.notebook created by Marcia Williams

- Write answers on SMART Board and on the last slide is a chart to uncover to check answers. Created by Mary Hopkins Wellman for 7th grade.

- This is an assignment for Language Arts 7. The activities center around the use of dialog in various situations. This is a differentiated lesson involving four groups based on the interest inventories. The groups are: Play, Cartoon, Music and Interview.
For each of these areas, there is an assignment sheet with a grading scale. For each of these areas, there is a student worksheet. I have used
this assignment for several years and modified each time I have used it. Since dialog or direct quotations are essential to all writings, this lesson could be used with any of our essay assignments.

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