Writing (9-12)

WV Writes Website for students to practice for the online writing portion of WESTEST2.

WV Writes Teacher Website allows teachers to assign activities and view results.

- "To Kill A Mockingbird" lesson for grades 9-12 created by Jackie Stillion.
Poetry Lesson--Samara Bennett- 9-12 grades

A DI Writing Project --Kristin Sobotka-- 9-12 grades

- This is a full unit plan on research skills - Janie Mason - 9th grade

- Good for use before a unit on heroes - Angela Hunt- 9-12 grade

- by Evertta Boyd. Uses the suffixes: ize, ify, and ate, which change the words to verbs. Grade 11.

- By Everetta Boyd. Uses "Persuasive Writing" from the Gallery Essentials: English Language Arts: Writing- Interactive & Multimedia. After reading stories about King Arthur and asking students what comes to mind when they think of persuasive literature, students will design a travel brochure for King Arthur's England. Brochures must include pictures and text that appeal to the senses and the emotions in order to sway the reader's opinion.

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