Differentiated Instruction

DI Presentation at WVCTM Conference 2011

DI Basics


- modified by Sandi Duncan - modified by Sandi Duncan
Multiple Intelligence Tests including Naturalist and Existentialist

DI Templates

- Sandi Duncan's Unit template that includes an EATS lesson plan template with a focus on DI. This is the form to use to start your DI unit.
- Templates for RAFT's, Think Dots, Cubing, Think-Tac-Toes, and Choice Boards
- Unit template combining Sandi Duncan's design with UbD and F/M/P/C/M. Also includes templates for FAT-P, GRASP, RAFT, Think-Tac-Toe, etc. Feedback would be appreciated!! If there aren't enough acronyms, I can probably find more! ;-)

DI Product Assignments for all Subjects

- Choice activity that can be modified for any subject that incorporates all of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences created by Lezlie Barton for grades 6-12.
- Template for student-led activities. Geared for Math and helping classmates understand content, but other classes (such as Social Studies or Science) might look at it as a way to raise awareness about community issues. - Kyle Berry - 8th grade

- This research project could easily be modified for any grade level or subject matter.

Websites for DI Lessons

Indiana Dept of Ed with Ball St University has a DI page called the Tiered Curriculum Project. There are lessons differentiated by readiness, interest, and learning profile for each grade K-12 in Math, Science, and Language Arts. It's AWESOME!
Leon County FL School District's DI Lesson Page contains lessons for all core subject areas.