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Cabell Math Freeware Ideas
**Thinkfinity** - Search Engine for Education (formerly MarcoPolo). Contains lesson plans, interactivities, research materials, and more.
**SAS Curriculum Pathways** (formerly SASinSchool) - Contains lessons plans, interactivities, and more.
Learn Alberta - Has video and audio lessons on various topics categorized by grade level and subject matter. Some info is locked (red lock icon), but there are still great resources that are available for free.
Teach 21- Website from WVDE that contains lesson plans, unit plans, teaching strategies, and more.
Surfaquarium - Created by a teacher with tons of links for education organized by subject matter.
HippoCampus - Includes interactive lessons for several different subjects. Great to use with your whiteboard or individually. The lessons allow you to click on a Textbook link and see the page numbers from your text that correspond to the lesson chosen.
PortaPortal - A social bookmarking site that can be used to direct your students to specific web sites for class
an example: Shannon Murray's Portaportal, Kyle Berry's Math PortaPortal
1 2 Buckle My Shoe by Yolanda Doyle...posted by JoAnn Frye and Bobbi Leslie
CyberChase Cartoon Lessons from PBS.
Math Resources from Harvey has great Notebook lessons already prepared for your classroom.
Webtop allows you to create Google sites, virtual classrooms, and e-Portfolios. Student accounts should be ready by November, 2009.
Poll Everywhereallows you to create an online poll that shows the results as participants vote online or by texting in their answer.
Webspiration provides easy to use creation software for graphic organizers of every shape and size.
Type in your names and the lottery machinewill randomly draw out a “winner”.
Writing across the curriculum ideas from WVDE.
The Hat can be downloaded onto your computer to draw names out of a hat just like a magician.


Teacher's Domain - Lesson plans on a variety of mathematical topics.Explore Learning - Contains Gizmos for Math and Science that correlate to state standards and textbooks.
Virtual Manipulatives- K-12 interactive manipulatives for classroom use.
Learning Wave- Real life applications in the form of interactive games. Try the Absurd Math on the top left for in-depth games, then preview the middle school math site for a closer look at a topic.
Cut the Knot Interactivities - Tons of explanations and interactivities to use in the math classroom.
AAA - Explanations and quizzes on many math topics.
A+ Math - Homework help, worksheets, flashcards, online games, and more.
Math Goodies - Lessons, worksheets, learning games, teacher forum, and much more.
Wordle is a great way to start vocabulary with your units. Look at the Math Teachers in a wordle.
Math Playground has lots of great stuff! Go and check it out.

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