SMART Board Resources - Find online tutorials, classroom exchange, and more.

Tech Steps Lessons Modified by Cabell County Teachers and Instructional Coaches.

Web Resources
Promethean Planet - Free online community for classroom teachers that contains lessons for the virtual white board in a format called a flip chart. These are added to constantly by members of the website. Once on the website, click Members and Getting Started to see a Video Overview of the website or click Resources and Lessons or Resource Packs to see the many items that are available.
CamStudio - Free downloadable software that allows you to record anything that you do on your computer screen and play it back like a video.
FLVS Library - Full of information on every subject for technology use.
WVDE Resources for Technology - Multiple external websites are linked that contain prepared lessons for use on the Virtual White Board.
Resources for Digital Stories- Multiple web sites for Digital Story telling, including tutorials, photos, etc.